1. What is TGCC?
The Greater Cumberland Committee (TGCC) is a regional, business based not-for-profit organization covering multiple counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Established in 2000, TGCC envisions a vibrant region where population growth is supported by strategic economic development, where educational institutions are poised to provide services to increasing populations, and where infrastructure investments encourage sustainable development and the next generation of investment. Please visit our 2017/2018 Work Plan for more information.

2. How can I get involved with your organization?
TGCC offers several opportunities for involvement:

Corporate Council
As a business owner, CEO or management/decision-making level employee of a business located in one of our service counties, we offer a Corporate Council membership.

Affiliate Area
We offer a membership level for businesses in which the home office is located in our designated “affiliate areas” of Bedford and Somerset Counties, PA and Hampshire County, WV. Affiliate Area membership opportunities exist to promote growth of our regional partnerships and alliances where we have similar issues and common goals.

The associate member is an individual who is in succession for leadership within their particular organization. The purpose of this non-voting membership level is to foster the next generation of leadership and raise regional awareness of issues important to economic prosperity within the greater Cumberland region. 

Leadership Legacy
When the baton of leadership is passed on, TGCC welcomes and encourages its retiring Corporate Council members to continue their role as a community leader by staying engaged as a Leadership Legacy member.

TGCC’s “partners” are key to making progress in our region. Spanning government agencies, Chambers of Commerce and non-profits throughout our footprint, our Partners-in-Progress members are an invaluable resource with each of our projects.

Honorary members are selected from those whose regional, state or national reputation offers positive recognition to TGCC.

3. What is the difference between TGCC and Chambers of Commerce?
Chambers of Commerce typically focus their services on one county. While TGCC relies solely on membership much like other “greaters” that exist in Maryland, we have a regional focus, not limited to just one state or county. We work tirelessly to eliminate duplication and work together with other organizations – all for the greater good. “Greater” refers to an inclusive geographic area and a long-term view of the civic issues which affect the area. Other “Greaters” exist throughout Maryland, Delaware and Wisconsin with the same philosophy of regional collaboration.

4. What opportunities exist to become involved?
TGCC’s Work Plan spans a two-year period of time and is set up in a way that gives work groups an opportunity to develop goals and objectives. Each work group is made up of TGCC members, as well as community partners from throughout the region to ensure our work is focused on the region we serve. We welcome your participation in any of our Work Groups.

5. Where is your office?
TGCC’s office is located in at 1 Technology Drive, Suite 1002, Frostburg, MD 21532.