Angela Svonavec

by | 06.08.2021

Angela has been a self-employed business owner since 1995. With a love of learning, she has
obtained multiple degrees and certifications in an array of industries through the years. Her
education and experience are utilized in a variety of business endeavors that she owns and/or
operates. Among these are Banshee Farm and Crane and Heritage Coal & Natural Resources. It
is a high priority for Angela that each of her companies be a valuable and positive contribution to
her local community.

With a desire to promote and preserve the coal mining industry, she formed Heritage Coal &
Natural Resources in 2008. Heritage currently possesses the largest surface mine permit in PA
and is also the only woman coal producer in the state. The entire Heritage team is dedicated to
responsibly mining and utilizing our mineral resources to supply clean, dependable, affordable
energy for generations to come. Angela is therefore committed to continued research and
innovation in the coal industry.

Angela and her husband Jason are natives of Somerset County, PA. Their two beautiful children,
Sydney and Spencer are both now grown and working at Heritage. In her free time, Angela
enjoys hiking, boating, yoga and being outdoors with her family.


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