I-68 Regional Alliance

by | 10.19.2020

TGCC is playing a critical role in the creation of the I-68 Regional Alliance which has the potential to expand the economic base of the I-68 region and to attract new investment into our economy with the goal of improving the quality of life and creating wealth in our communities. The Alliance is a public/private partnership representing economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, tourism and visitors organizations as well as industry partners. TGCC will serve as the incubator for the Alliance and our Executive Director will work closely with its members to create a system of governance and ways of working that inspire our members to build trust with one another, share important information and commit to a process of collaboration which results in outcomes that are advantageous to both the individual members as well as to the region as a whole.

  • Agreed on an identity – I-68 Regional Alliance
  • Selected three industry sectors on which the region will focus:
    • Lifestyle Manufacturing
    • Aerospace Supply Chain
    • Information Technology
  • Developing:
    • Regional website
    • Industry sector action plans
    • I-68 Regional Alliance governance plan

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