Greater Good Award

Past Recipients

2019 John Vatavuk
2018 Brenda Friend
2017 Tom Finan
2016 David Moe
2015 John Balch
2014 Bill Grant
2013 Barry Ronan
2012 Jonathan Kessler
2011 Colleen Peterson
2010 Terry Stephens
2009 Kim Leonard
2008 Kathy Getty
2007 Dr. Wayne Spiggle


  1. TGCC member in any category
  2. Demonstrates a commitment to advancing the greater good in the tri-state region
  3. Recognizes and practices the philosophy of “less fame, more gain”

Nomination Process

  1. Any member of TGCC may nominate a candidate.
  2. The nomination process begins with an announcement of candidate solicitation. Written nominations will be accepted by staff.
  3. A Committee comprised of staff and previous recipients of the Greater Good Award, who are current members of TGCC, will make the determination of the recipient. TGCC’s Chair shall select a member of the Executive Committee to serve as the Committee Chair. The Committee shall determine the nomination process timeline and shall recommend to the Executive Committee for approval the date the award will be presented to the recipient.
  4. One (1) award is given annually.

Nominations must be submitted by Friday, September 18. Please send your nominations directly to Sharon Corwell at

Ballot for Nominations

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