Terry Stephens

by | 11.24.2020

Terry is a community activist and entrepreneur. He is married to Virginia and has three sons. He has operated more than a dozen businesses in his career while always finding time for community service. He travels extensively and loves all things outdoors. He founded Coldwell Banker Home Town Realty in Keyser and Romney, and was an organizer and President of Keyser Inn. Over the years he has operated a construction company, fitness center, book store, various real estate investments and developments and other small businesses. His latest project is North Branch Ventures which operates Queen’s Point Coffee, North Branch Pub, and most recently Thunder Hill Outfitters.

He has served his communities for over 50 years in various capacities and serves on Boards at the Community Trust Foundation, TGCC, Highland Arts, Mineral County Convention and Visitors Center, and Mineral County Development Commission with active membership in many others. He has also organized a number of Community festivals over the past 30 years. He considers himself as chief visionary at his businesses. His personal motto is “Always leave a place better than you found it”!


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