Brianna LaVorgna

by | 02.10.2021

Bri LaVorgna is VP of Strategic Development at Aeon Technologies, LLC. Aeon is a new biotechnology laboratory located in Frostburg, Maryland. Aeon will be providing COVID-19 diagnostic services to the region and hopes to expand to include analytical testing. In addition, Aeon hopes to continue to serve the region by connecting with both Frostburg State University and Allegany College of Maryland by creating a Center for Laboratory Excellence. The Center will be a working and teaching & learning center designed to bring hands-on learning opportunities and customized workforce development focusing on laboratory science.
Prior to this role, she served as VP of Strategic Development at Willetts Tech. In this role, Bri helped mental and behavioral health companies assess their current practices to see if technology solutions can make workflow more efficient and effective and/or safe and secure. Before this position, Bri served as Dean of Community Engagement and Partnerships at Easter WV Community & Technical College. There, she worked with industry and community organizations to assist with fulfilling the mission of the college which is to provide accessible and affordable educational opportunities for academic, technical, workforce training and life-long learning for the Potomac highlands regional community.
Bri’s professional origins, though diverse, are rooted in education, for she served as a Vice Principal at Central York High School in PA and a high school English teacher in Worcester County, Maryland. By using her leadership skills from VP and Dean as well as her assessing talent from being a teacher, Bri is able to provide strategic direction to different industries to help them not only thrive but also grow. Additionally, Bri holds a doctorate from Frostburg State University, a master’s degree from Wilmington University and a bachelor’s degree from Salisbury University.


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